Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

Time is running!

Hellooo everyone!

Time is really running fast these days... I moved to the new room in the shared flat and I'm so happy here... The people living with me are lovely and I feel really comfortable here - although I have a loft bed which gives me headaches because I bang my head against the ceiling every night at least twice ;) 

Time is also running because I made a decision to study again!! I hope I still have enough time (and money!) for crafting then... And I will leave my beloved adopted city and also my friends (especially my crafting friend :( ) But I'm excited to do it!

In the meantime I made some jewellery for birthday presents which I can post but now because the presentees might have seen it ;) I really took a fancy to earrings :D And also to hexnuts...

These ones are really classy... I knew that the presentee likes the colours very much and I really had fun making them...


This bracelet was for a man and is made of black leather and black hexnuts!

These ones are actually not really made by myself... My friend Leti tried to teach me how to make her famous hexnut earrings and I tried it without success :-/ In the end she helped me by making the hexnut "frame"... But I had them in my mind for a friend who is really crazy about earrings and always searches for new and fancy ones... 

I hope I can go one spending the rest of the time here doing as much crafting as I can  :) So stay tuned!

XoXo - Julie

Freitag, 6. Juli 2012


Yesterday, my dear friend Leti made such a sweet present to me... I'm totally in love with this cute little (smiling!) cat - somehow it makes you happy just looking at it :)

Thanks again, dear :)

Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012


Good Morning!

I wasn't that creative and active in the crafting and blogging world the last weeks which might be because I'm moving this weekend... To another flat in the same city, but still it is work and means some good preperation... Nevertheless, last week I had at least one evening, on which I made all my homemade presents for the next month :) 2 pairs of earrings (provided by a talented teacher ;) ) and one bracelet for a man! I will post the pictures the next days...

So after this weekend I'll be back :) The heat right now is amazing - another good reason to stay away from indoors :) I just try to enjoy every sunray here - my new flat has an amazing balcony which might enable both - crafting and tanning ;)

Let's get it started :)

Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

Being the kind of buffet-personality

... is this the right way to express what I mean? I don't know and right now it doesn't matter. What I was thinking of the last days was concerning some future plans... After going for a run today (finally the sun came back again...) I came to a great insight... It's great to help yourself at the great buffet of life with all its opportunities and offers... sometimes I'm so unhappy to have just a little gift in so many things and not to have a real gift in one single field... But isn't this even better? Isn't it just great to have the choice and to try out the variety of things? Isn't it perfekt to knit just after writing an e-mail on your smartphone? Is it so bad to be able to eat 2 chocolate bars and then going for a long run (I know people that can't do either of them ;) )? I guess it's great to eat from the buffet - better then having to make a choice á la carte everytime. Some day will come when it's too late to try out everything... So maybe it's best to give things a chance as long as we are able to!!

In this spirit... Have a great weekend and join me at the buffet :)

Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012


I did it and I love it :)

Out of an old shoe box I made something new which I totally needed - a box for all my bracelets. I had a very small and tiny box before but as you can slightly imagine it was close to explode :) I saw this great tutorial from "oh so pretty - the" and was totally inspired... So I did it :)

I paintet the inside in a dark brown - outside I used décopatch (I love the colours!!) and also the bracelet "holder" was pasted with décopatch.

It might soon be too small as well ;)

I hope you like it :) 

The next days I'm out for a biking-tour (no time for bracelet making and even no event for WEARING them!!) but it will be fun hopefully. I hope it will not rain that much as it is forecasted but let's see! 

Enjoy the week and enjoy the holiday (everyone who has a free day on thursday :) )!

Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

Hello, June!

Another month is gone and we say: hello June, you are welcome but please please be sunny, bring joy and light and inspiration to us :)

My first bracelet for my new dress is still not really finished because I was out of clasps... So I went to the city today and really, I'm not joking now, I bought so much new yarns and stuff... Thats the bad thing about making your jewelery for yourself. You want to have special bracelets just fitting this outfit and for that outfit another. And then you can combine it with silver OR gold. Arr... Well yesterday I made a very simple bracelet with a thick leather strap... And still I didn't show you my work from Wednesday night when I had another creative evening with Leti. So I proudly present my 3 new ones.... 

Another great idea I tried was making nailstickers with simple scotch tape as seen in the "The Beauty Department"-Blog. And it worked :D I don't know if it's really less work to handle the small small stripes you are cutting of but at least it saves time waiting for the nailpolish to dry...

Not too bad, huh? I painted a little blue heart on the stripes... I'm totally in love with the red colour anyway... I searched so long for a colour like this, because the "normal" red was always too much for my taste...

So let's hope the sun keeps shining so I can wear the new dress this evening - with the bracelet I'm going to finish NOW!! :D

I hope you can enjoy the sun from whereever you read this right now :)

Julie ♥

Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012


Good morning!

I need to prepare a salat for my barbeque-party later, getting my by fixed for a short biking-tour and also have breakfast but FIRST of all I'm proud to introduce my two crafts I made yesterday (I finished my anklet at night :) ). As you can see I also worked on my fotos...  :D I hope you like it!!

The first one: a woven bracelet made from by fleamarket-chain and  stitching yarn...

The macrame anklet  - done with waxed yarn and some single pearls (from Nuena)

I hope you like them as much as I do :D Today I'm trying to stack the bracelets as I have really a batch of them now... Let's see if this "new style" is accepted here ;)