Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

Being the kind of buffet-personality

... is this the right way to express what I mean? I don't know and right now it doesn't matter. What I was thinking of the last days was concerning some future plans... After going for a run today (finally the sun came back again...) I came to a great insight... It's great to help yourself at the great buffet of life with all its opportunities and offers... sometimes I'm so unhappy to have just a little gift in so many things and not to have a real gift in one single field... But isn't this even better? Isn't it just great to have the choice and to try out the variety of things? Isn't it perfekt to knit just after writing an e-mail on your smartphone? Is it so bad to be able to eat 2 chocolate bars and then going for a long run (I know people that can't do either of them ;) )? I guess it's great to eat from the buffet - better then having to make a choice á la carte everytime. Some day will come when it's too late to try out everything... So maybe it's best to give things a chance as long as we are able to!!

In this spirit... Have a great weekend and join me at the buffet :)

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