Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

Hello, June!

Another month is gone and we say: hello June, you are welcome but please please be sunny, bring joy and light and inspiration to us :)

My first bracelet for my new dress is still not really finished because I was out of clasps... So I went to the city today and really, I'm not joking now, I bought so much new yarns and stuff... Thats the bad thing about making your jewelery for yourself. You want to have special bracelets just fitting this outfit and for that outfit another. And then you can combine it with silver OR gold. Arr... Well yesterday I made a very simple bracelet with a thick leather strap... And still I didn't show you my work from Wednesday night when I had another creative evening with Leti. So I proudly present my 3 new ones.... 

Another great idea I tried was making nailstickers with simple scotch tape as seen in the "The Beauty Department"-Blog. And it worked :D I don't know if it's really less work to handle the small small stripes you are cutting of but at least it saves time waiting for the nailpolish to dry...

Not too bad, huh? I painted a little blue heart on the stripes... I'm totally in love with the red colour anyway... I searched so long for a colour like this, because the "normal" red was always too much for my taste...

So let's hope the sun keeps shining so I can wear the new dress this evening - with the bracelet I'm going to finish NOW!! :D

I hope you can enjoy the sun from whereever you read this right now :)

Julie ♥

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