Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012


I did it and I love it :)

Out of an old shoe box I made something new which I totally needed - a box for all my bracelets. I had a very small and tiny box before but as you can slightly imagine it was close to explode :) I saw this great tutorial from "oh so pretty - the diaries.com" and was totally inspired... So I did it :)

I paintet the inside in a dark brown - outside I used décopatch (I love the colours!!) and also the bracelet "holder" was pasted with décopatch.

It might soon be too small as well ;)

I hope you like it :) 

The next days I'm out for a biking-tour (no time for bracelet making and even no event for WEARING them!!) but it will be fun hopefully. I hope it will not rain that much as it is forecasted but let's see! 

Enjoy the week and enjoy the holiday (everyone who has a free day on thursday :) )!

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