Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

Time is running!

Hellooo everyone!

Time is really running fast these days... I moved to the new room in the shared flat and I'm so happy here... The people living with me are lovely and I feel really comfortable here - although I have a loft bed which gives me headaches because I bang my head against the ceiling every night at least twice ;) 

Time is also running because I made a decision to study again!! I hope I still have enough time (and money!) for crafting then... And I will leave my beloved adopted city and also my friends (especially my crafting friend :( ) But I'm excited to do it!

In the meantime I made some jewellery for birthday presents which I can post but now because the presentees might have seen it ;) I really took a fancy to earrings :D And also to hexnuts...

These ones are really classy... I knew that the presentee likes the colours very much and I really had fun making them...


This bracelet was for a man and is made of black leather and black hexnuts!

These ones are actually not really made by myself... My friend Leti tried to teach me how to make her famous hexnut earrings and I tried it without success :-/ In the end she helped me by making the hexnut "frame"... But I had them in my mind for a friend who is really crazy about earrings and always searches for new and fancy ones... 

I hope I can go one spending the rest of the time here doing as much crafting as I can  :) So stay tuned!

XoXo - Julie

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