Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012


Good morning!

I need to prepare a salat for my barbeque-party later, getting my by fixed for a short biking-tour and also have breakfast but FIRST of all I'm proud to introduce my two crafts I made yesterday (I finished my anklet at night :) ). As you can see I also worked on my fotos...  :D I hope you like it!!

The first one: a woven bracelet made from by fleamarket-chain and  stitching yarn...

The macrame anklet  - done with waxed yarn and some single pearls (from Nuena)

I hope you like them as much as I do :D Today I'm trying to stack the bracelets as I have really a batch of them now... Let's see if this "new style" is accepted here ;)

Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

Sunny day!!

Guys, today I feel really great! The sun was shining today in southern Germany and after a short shopping-trip (I found suuuch a nice summer dress :D ) I spent 3 hours now at our local sea, sunning and tanning for the first time this year. And guess what - instead of reading a book I found out you can do bracelets perfectly outside just lying in the grass. I made a really cool woven bracelet and also started an anklet in macrame style which is great because my feet seem to be a little bigger than the standard... I really have problems with finding an anklet that really fits... Thats the great opportunity for doing your stuff yourself :D

So I'm heading for a Crèpes-Party now watching the Eurovision Song Contest with friends :D Can't wait to post the pics of my new darlings soon!

Freitag, 25. Mai 2012

Two girls having too much spontaneity...

... this is the result ;) Sitting together with a glass of wine, talking about good recipies and just deciding: let's do a Caramel-Cheesecake like this one: Dulce de Leche Cheesecake. So I jumped on my bike to get a glass of "Bonne Maman Caramel" which is a great alternative for making Dulce de Leche on you own... The rest was done really fast and it was a pleasure to spend some time baking again!

Because the cake had to stay in the fridge for one day we had the pleasure this evening. Tastyyy and Yummy.

So yesterday, during the cooking time, we had time sitting together, talking and making new bracelets :) We really forgot the time but were both really productive...

Again I made a wrapped bracelet but with this one I'm not that satisfied yet - the bracelet is curling and I really have problems with the leather - it is just too thick to make a nice ending... But I love the colour for the summer! I still have enough yarn for another one but right now I'm really done with this technique...

But my jewellery-queen Leti showed me how to do macrame... And I just love it!! Last week we were on a flea market where I bought some thick, golden necklaces... I seperated a small piece of one and knotted red cotton yarn... together with 2 screw nuts (donated by Leti) a really lovely bracelet came out!! I fell totally in love with this...
I still have some ideas in mind with the thick chain so thank god a long weekend is following :) The weather will be great so I think I need to do a night shift to flaunt it in the daytime combined with a nice summer dress ;)

By the way - you have to check out Leti's blog... --> ~*Letandas*~ She also has a shop on DaWanda... This girl is so gifted and inspires me everytime I visit her...  And thanks to her I am really tired today but also "caramelly satisfied" :)

Good night!

Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

And another bracelet!


After 2 nice days (holiday and leave day... really loved the free time :) ) with barbeque, a short trip to France and also some time left for some crafting, I'm really proud to introduce my new bracelet :) I really love it because it was so simple and quick to make and is plain but still special!

It's made from a simple thin white leather tape which I braided by adding pearls in my very favourite material - antique gold. I really like the button to close the bracelet, nice solution in my opinion :)

Tomorrow I hope to find some thinner floss or yarn in a shop for making a bracelet like these ones: Friendship Bracelets from
My waxed yarn is too thick for my small chain... And still I got some other stuff left - even more potential to be creative :D

Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

Jewellery - Part 1

Sun is shiiining in the city, I'm starting into a really great weekend with Pizza and making some more bracelets tonight with my friend :) Anything better? No :D

This is why I just share my jewellery made from the Berlin-shopping-tour-stuff very quick!! 

Necklace with earrings
Bracelets... inspired by!

The first stuff *prooooud*

Not that bad, huh? Hope you like it :) Let's see what comes out this evening when I will be even more inspired by the really really creative stuff from Leti :D


Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

Back from traveling!

Berlin and Hamburg were both so inspiring! I saw great outfits which I will give a try with my apparel...

Of course I stopped by at "Nuena" in Berlin... This is the yield :D Be curious about the outcome...