Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

And another bracelet!


After 2 nice days (holiday and leave day... really loved the free time :) ) with barbeque, a short trip to France and also some time left for some crafting, I'm really proud to introduce my new bracelet :) I really love it because it was so simple and quick to make and is plain but still special!

It's made from a simple thin white leather tape which I braided by adding pearls in my very favourite material - antique gold. I really like the button to close the bracelet, nice solution in my opinion :)

Tomorrow I hope to find some thinner floss or yarn in a shop for making a bracelet like these ones: Friendship Bracelets from
My waxed yarn is too thick for my small chain... And still I got some other stuff left - even more potential to be creative :D

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