Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

Sunny day!!

Guys, today I feel really great! The sun was shining today in southern Germany and after a short shopping-trip (I found suuuch a nice summer dress :D ) I spent 3 hours now at our local sea, sunning and tanning for the first time this year. And guess what - instead of reading a book I found out you can do bracelets perfectly outside just lying in the grass. I made a really cool woven bracelet and also started an anklet in macrame style which is great because my feet seem to be a little bigger than the standard... I really have problems with finding an anklet that really fits... Thats the great opportunity for doing your stuff yourself :D

So I'm heading for a Crèpes-Party now watching the Eurovision Song Contest with friends :D Can't wait to post the pics of my new darlings soon!

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